Salted with Skin

 1.55 or  1.55  1.40 / month

Minimum quantity order 8 packs.

Our sea salt flavour is a timeless classic. Here we decided when roasting our little powerhouses  to leave the husk/skin on the bean, adding a different type of texture, munch & crunch into all that  high fibre. You can feel the goodness finished off in natural sea salt, similar to a salted nut, but far more nutritionally dense. The Game-changer.

Our Salted Bean is our most popular Bean which is ordered along with our Tubes.   Why ?  Well you can stock up on a range of seeds  (chia, sunflower etc)  mix  them with your Blendi snack and pour into your Blendi Tube for your daily snacks.



Broad beans (70%),  Garden Peas (30%) Natural Sea Salt flavourings (Vegetable Oil)
Due to the nature of this product, the contents may occasionally vary in proportion.

Storage Instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.