1.4Kg Jumbo Pack – Bar-B-Q

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Tube are not Included with the Jumbo  – Please order separatly


This is the Flavour you’ve BEAN waiting for  ? If you like smokey, hickory then we believe we have seasoned them to perfection for you.

Our crunchy roasted broad beans and peas are loaded with our  rich smokey barbecue flavour. Say goodbye to bland, boring snacking. This spicy seasoning is the perfect blend for a rich tasty treat, without the guilt.

Buying in bulk saves on the pocket, approx 35/40  servings in each Jumbo Pouch, add a range of seeds into the Jumbo and you will get tons more servings.  Fill a few Blendi  tubes and leave them in  the car for those out-and-about ……” Mom Im starving”   or   in the Sports Bag for  “Mom the match was delayed & no where was open”  Moments !  or in the Golf Bag for the back 9!

By Subscribing  to a   monthly delivery of Jumbo Blendi  you cut down on packaging & cost, (each snack works out at under a €1)   and yes you have a flavour option every month.

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Broad Beans (70%),  Garden Peas (30%), Corn Starch,  Paprika,  Cayenne pepper, Chili  Powder  & Vegetable  Oil.
Due to the nature of this product, the contents may occasionally vary in proportion.

Storage Instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


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