Pretty much since we launched Blendi Snacks back in August, people have been telling us had we tried them in Chili, Bar-B-Q, Honey & Mustard, even Chocolate! There is so excitement out there to all the different flavours we can work with, but it all takes time.

We have been unbelievably busy building up brand awareness, distribution, getting along to trade shows, pop ups and doing all that with a tiny team! Now that we’ve grown the team, we’ve finally found the time to really get stuck into new product development, or NPD as it’s known in the trade.

We are working with some very cool flavours for 2020, you guys will be excited. When the Beans come into us they taste of nothing, thats right the nearest thing I could think of is an unsweetened Marietta Biscuit (google if you are under 30yrs).

This is an Food Entrepreneur’s dream to be given an ingredient that oozes in nutrients but lacking in flavour it gives us great scope to experiment in our kitchen without altering the integrity of the Broad Bean.

The Pea is different it bring its own personality (protein punch) with a little sweetness so we leave them alone.

We will be launching our 4th flavour Bar-B-Q Blendi in December so when ordering your taster box ask for a sample.
Happy Snacking with Blendi