July Blog

Fiber is consistently been scientifically proven to have a variety of health benefits, our digestive health, blood sugar management, and immune function, but more recent studies have shown the link of fiber diet to mental wellness.

Very few of us consume enough fiber compared to our daily recommendations, for example, in the US only 6% & in Europe it is 14% of customers only meet the daily recommendations for fiber. Why is this? Well, our foods are becoming more processed, especially prepared meals and snacks on the go, fiber is predominately found in fruit, veg & grains which when processed loses their fiber!

Everywhere we look we see on labels “high in protein”, “protein 20g” etc this is good, we do need our protein especially now that most of us are cutting down on meat & dairy but in general, we all do get our RDA of protein its Fiber that we are deficient in.

Finding new ways to take our fiber conveniently is the challenge, reminds me of old phrase My Grandmother used frequently “an apple a day keeps the Dr away”, I am sure She were referring to the fiber in apples!