How anxiety and stress can lead to unhealthy snacking habits?

How anxiety and stress can lead to unhealthy snacking habits?

Stressful and anxious times

A second lockdown and the constant conversations around the pandemic has left us living in a whirlwind of emotions. Over the last few months we have all experienced a different way of living, whether it be working from home, not seeing family and friends, postponement of sport or hobbies, mandatory face masks and non-stop sanitisation! These restrictions have left some of us feeling more anxious and stressed than ever before. These feelings have caused many of us to turn to unhealthy snacking and binge eating. In turn, these unhealthy behaviors leave us racked with guilt and anxiety about eating.

Emotional eating

You may have already lived with anxiety and stress, or perhaps these feelings have come to the fore since lockdown. Eating can often be linked to your emotions. We try to soothe negative emotions with foods that satisfy us. Generally, foods for anxiety are high in sugar, fat and/or salt. In order to stop binge eating, we must first understand the difference between overeating Vs binge eating. We have to remember that long-term binge eating can lead to weight gain and can significantly affect your health.

What we can do

It is important to recognize and separate your emotions from your eating. Find ways to relieve stress without overeating, and choose nutritious meals and healthier snacks. We have put together our top five tips below.

Blendi’s five top tips for managing stress, anxiety and unhealthy snacking habits


Plan and prepare your meals and snack

Take Sunday evening every week to plan your food for the week. Meal prepping is an easy way to stay on track and be accountable for what you eat. Keep a food diary. These can be downloaded for free or easily purchased online! There are so many healthier, low-calorie snack options on the market today. Some of our favourites include: Blendi (of course), Dr CoysPropercornGood4UNüdest FoodsNobó, The Foods of AthenryNua Naturals and many more.

There are also so many easy, everyday snack options. Spunout has created a list of healthy snack alternatives to junk food.


There are options to meditate alone or participate in free guided meditation sessions. Glenn Harrold is a fantastic hypnotherapist which we enjoy. He provides guided meditations for free on YouTube.

Meditation is a great way to focus the mind and relax the body. It lowers our stress level, we make a better connection between body and mind, our focus is improved and we are kinder to ourselves.






It was so fantastic we kept it up, and oh boy, the flexibility gained over the last few months is something else! The physical and psychological benefits are definitely noticeable.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi, a beginner or have never practiced yoga before, what better time to do it! During the last lockdown in March we started 30 days of yoga with Adrienne on YouTube for free.


Avoid news and social media

News and social media can be informative, but the constant stream of disheartening headlines can leave you feeling overwhelmed and worried. Find ways to moderate the amount of news you take in. Set time limits on your smart phones, this way apps let you know you need a break.

It can also be difficult to separate facts and genuine information from poor, unreliable sources. On social media, there is a lot of talk around personal opinions, worries and beliefs about Covid-19. This can easily increase your own levels of worry and anxiety. Choose carefully who you engage with on social media.

Get fresh air

Wrap up warm and stroll along the leafy paths, experience the autumn colors first hand. There are so many forms of nature to look out for on your exploration.


The days are shorter, darker and colder, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting out for 30 minutes of fresh air daily. There is a beautiful landscape waiting to be explored.


Hopefully Blend’s top 5 tips can help you in some way. Remember we are all in this together. Plan your week, prepare your meals and stay active. 

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