Gluten free snacks for school

Gluten free snacks for school

The Importance of a Healthy Lunchbox

Lunch boxes. Little, colourful containers responsible for holding the supplies that will carry your child through the rest of their day at school. The art of packing a lunch box should not be underestimated and, for many parents, getting it right can be a daily test. Afterall, how do you balance taste, nutrition, satisfaction, and of course, allergies?

 After you collect your child from school, ties awry and grey shorts (clean only this morning!) stained with yoghurt, you arrive home to inspect their lunch box. Half a sandwich here, half an apple there. One piece of curiously soaked cling film and, lest we forget, the empty- it’s always empty- crisp packet. Sometimes you’ll even find another child’s food in their lunchbox. Clearly Rosie’s parents have better taste in food than you.

The lunch box conundrum

 So, what can we put in our children’s lunch boxes that keeps them full, nourished and satisfied? Satisfied, in the context of our little ones, basically means food that they genuinely enjoy and are happy to keep eating. There is a lot of choice out there and sometimes, when you’re standing in the supermarket aisle, it’s easier to play it safe and reach out for the brands you recognise.

 Half of the children’s food range, especially for early years, looks the same. Bright colours, playful packaging but very “natural” looking. Nothing artificial here, no siree. However, one look at the ingredients list and uh oh, here comes the salt and the sugar. Now Blendi are not against the dynamic, and frequently demonised, duo – quite the opposite, but we appreciate the need for balance and moderation – especially when it comes to our kids.

At the other end of the spectrum you have the kids food that has no appreciation for a child’s palette. Yes we want them to be eating healthily, but does your four year old really want to be eating dry-roasted beetroot in crisp form? Probably not.

A realistic lunch box solution

 Well, as you might have guessed, we have the perfect lunch box solution for you. It’s a vegan, gluten free snack for school that’s packed with nutrition and has absolutely no nuts in sight. As you might have guessed, this “solution” is of course, our very own Blendi.

 Made from broad beans, Blendi hits that sweet spot between healthy and deliciously moreish. Available in salted, red onion, fiery garlic and BBQ, eating a handful satisfies a grumbling tummy just like a bag of nuts or packet of crisps. The difference? Broad beans are packed with fibre and protein and keep you fuller for longer. The best part? Children absolutely love them and that’s because they think they’re eating something that belongs with the usual snack gang. Little do they know they are getting all the nutrition they need without the salt and sugar. Goodbye afternoon crash, hello polite, participating and engaged child.

 Okay, we can’t guarantee your child will be polite and engaged with their school work. However, we can guarantee they will have eaten a really big dose of nutrition with every 35g bag of Blendi containing 5.1g of protein and 4.5g of fibre. So, in many ways, with a fuller tummy they are more likely to pay attention and they are less likely to grow tired.

Practical, nutritious and delicious

 You can buy Blendi in small packs that will nestle in the lunch box like other snacks. However, the keen beans at Blendi came up with something that in the long run will save you money and is much better for the environment. When you buy a big 1.5kg bag of Blendi your purchase comes with a Blendi snacking tube. All you do is refill the tube whenever you need to (e.g. in the morning rush) screw the cap on and voila! A perfect, resealable snack for your kids to enjoy. You can get a tube for each member of the family and thanks to the resealable element of the bag, your Blendi broad beans will stay fresher for longer too. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always mix your Blendi with seeds, raisins or whatever takes your fancy.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a vegan, gluten free snack for school that’s packed with nutrition and has absolutely no nuts in sight, Blendi is the new snack revolutinsing lunch boxes across the nation. Why not order one of our sample boxes, containing all four flavours, and taste for yourself!

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