Blendi’s drop!

Blendi’s drop!


If you watch the news you cant escape the war against single use plastics. That isn’t to say that we’ll be all ditching plastics right away, this will take time but it is a start that we are all now very well informed of the harm it causes the planet. In Blendi here we refer to it as “our drop” (explain later) I will be honest it does present a momentous challenge for us in the food and snacking industry as compostable packaging is so costly, until the large blue chip companies (Kellogs, Danone etc) start using it to bring down the cost there is nothing us challenger brands can do, or is there ? (this will all make sense at the end) Waitrose is testing out new ways to reduce single-use plastics and  have launched large dispensers  and they tell us if there is a good up-take they will roll it out across all their stores, and a little birdie tells me it will be implemented.

For those old enough to remember, back in the old’n days it was pretty standard for us as kids to call into our local shop and see stacks of loose fruit and veg, select what you wanted then have it weighed before being handed to you in a brown paper bag. Then we had the pick’n mix where assorted sweets were available to purchase with a mini spade, weighed and into the paper bag.

These images were in the front of my mind when we were packing our Blendi snacks last year I questioned the use of the single packaging and almost decided against it & run with our Jumbo Pouches 1Kg but it was too expensive to launch as a new ingredient & we were forced to continue packing our 35g snack packs.   In any case the Jumbo’s they our outselling our snack packs online, instead of paying the €1.95 for the small packets you get the same amount (35g) pour into a tube for €0.85c. Save on cost & SAVE ON PLASTICS … Blendi’s Drop!

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