Afternoon snack ideas for adults

Afternoon snack ideas for adults

Some of the best snacks and treats to grace our kitchen cabinets are the classics. Crisps. Cake. Chocolate. Crumpets. You get the jist. The thing is, the classics often go hand in hand with salt and sugar. We’re looking at you doughnuts. Sugar, though delicious, usually leads to a dip in energy levels. Salt, meanwhile, isn’t so great on the insides. Now this is not a war on junk food, but it can’t be denied that snacking on foods like the humble doughnut won’t serve you too well in the long run. As we enter adulthood we need to be a little more conscious of the food we eat to set us up with a fitter, healthier body for later down the line. Trust us, future you will thank the present you, and future Blendi will thank future you for listening to past you. Anyway…

We’ve all experienced the afternoon crash. Heck, most of us probably see mid-morning crashes on a regular basis too. Usually these unwanted energy crashes come down to a few factors: sleep, hydration and nutrition. As a snacking brand, we can’t help you sleep, unless of course you would like our Co-Founder, Shane, to read you countless bedtime stories about broad beans. Dehydration can be solved with one or two gulps of good ole’ H20. And nutrition? Well, have we got some news for you…

Spoiler: we have. Blendi is a particularly good snack for hard working adults like you. Being the helpful bunch we are, we’ve listed the reasons why for you to peruse below:

It’s a child AND adult friendly snack

Are you an adult? Do you need snacking solutions that suit your very mature, adult and definitely in control lifestyle? Fed up of eating the leftovers of your toddler’s puree? Well, you need a bit of Blendi in your life. Your days of punching “afternoon snack ideas for adults” into Google are over.

As a snack, Blendi is delicious on its own fresh out of the bag. Stick a pack in your kids’ lunch box or keep them quiet on long car journeys as they snaffle the beans, either way your little ones will love them. The good news is we guarantee that you will love them too. Blendi is a firm favourite with families as it makes shopping much simpler and doesn’t require you to pack your kitchen cabinets with a different snack for every family member.

The handy snacking tubes, as pictured below, makes Blendi a super practical snack too. With our resealable 1.5kg bags, you can easily top up your tube and take it with you to all those locations adults like you love to frequent. Gyms, the workplace or maybe even al fresco in the park with a glass of wine and a picnic blanket. Wherever you choose to enjoy it, simply pop your tube in your bag and voila.

Savoury over sweet

What else do nutritious snacks for adults tend to have in common? Well, for starters, they usually lean to the savoury side of the snack aisle. If you love crisps and nuts then Blendi is the perfect alternative for you. Recently winning two of those coveted stars from the judges at Great Taste, our broad beans were rated as “outstanding”. Packed full of nutrition while tasting incredibly moreish, Blendi steers well clear of the sweet stuff and brings strong flavour to the healthy snack scene.

With flavours such as salted, red onion, fiery garlic and BBQ, you might have just found a new savoury snack to keep that tummy of yours satisfied.


High in protein and fibre

As we mentioned already, Blendi snacks are packed with nutrition so if you are trying to stick to a healthier diet then our broad beans are a great solution. Nutritionally the broad beans do a lot of the heavy lifting with every 35g pack containing 5.1g of protein and 4.5g of fibre. To put that into perspective, one pack of Blendi is around the same amount of protein as a tablespoon of peanut butter and roughly four times as much fibre. Simply fill your snacking tube and enjoy your roasted beans as a post-workout snack or take a pack into the office and substitute the croutons on your salad.

So, there you have it. We think Blendi deserves a place in the cupboard amongst some of the more common nutritious snacks for adults. Carrots and hummus, dry roasted vegetables, apples and peanut butter; you know, the usual gang. Why not decide for yourself with one of our sample packs?


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