August Blog

Food affects our kids focus, good food provides optimal concentration, sustain energy and amplify their memory in the classroom.

As a Mom the most irritating thing for me was trying to find healthy snacks or worse finding an uneaten seed pack or low in sugar granola bar buried at the end of Shane’s school bag a week later.

Coming across a healthy snack was such a find one that was priced well and one that Shane asked for ! Blendi Snacks are bringing a solution to the market, a Jumbo Pouch with 30 servings of Roasted Beans and Peas, the kids get their own reusable tube (which we sell) so this helps to reduce cost and reduce the amount of plastic we are using today.

Because you have taken the time to read our Blog, email us directly and ask for free sample (Ire/EU) and we will send some out (free of charge) during the month of August.

85% of kids start their days off with Breakfast Cereal which used to have alarmingly high levels of sugar (30g) three tablespoons, thankfully Kellogs have reduced their Coco Pops etc by up to 40% in the last year, but very late in my opinion change is happening from the bottom up, its the small family, artisan producers who are caring for our kids future and the Blue Chips are following.

Very few of us consume enough fiber compared to our daily recommendations, for example, in the US only 6% & in Europe it is 14% of consumers meet their daily recommendations for fiber. Why is this? Well, our foods are becoming more processed, especially prepared meals and snacks on the go, fiber is predominately found in fruit, veg & grains which when processed loses its fiber!

Everywhere we look we see on labels “high in protein”, “protein 20g” etc this is good, we do need protein especially now that most of us are cutting down on meat & dairy but in general, we all do get our RDA of protein its Fiber that we deficient in.

Finding new ways to take our fiber conveniently is the challenge reminds me of old phrase My Grandmother used frequently “an apple a day keeps Dr away”, I am sure she was referring to the high amount of fiber in apples!