Ethically sourced ingredients Organic GMO free & NO preservatives No Allergens


Compostable Packaging in second run June 2019 & recycled cardboards.


Made in Ireland with a manufacturing partnership.


Smaller to transport than fresh fruit & vegetables No need to refrigerate.


Yes We know Tom !

And we at Blendi will fix that for you

Government surveys continue to show that children are consuming only 2 of their recommended five portions of fruit and vegetable a day. Hence, little efforts should be spared to support children’s fruit and veg consumption.

Dried fruit also counts as one of your five a day and if you add veg well now something is happening.

Blendi Snacks can help your kids reach their five a day target especially those picky eaters who struggle to get enough fiber vitamins, and nutrients found in plant foods.

Blendi has added fun to the mix of dried fruit and vegetable. When your child is in the High Chair start them munching on different flavours get their taste buds excited (plug alert) for our dried cauliflower (texture is like popcorn with a hint of cauliflower !)

Making something fun out of Healthy Food & See your little ones devour it Greedily

We were all the same as little ones, fascinated with anything that had bright colours new sounds, and unusual shapes. For example, taking kids to the playground, the cylinder climbing tunnels the spiral slide the circular pig shaped spring riders coiling the kids back and forth is all they want. It does not change when they are sitting on their high chair, give them colourful food, play airplane with the fork sounding like an engine they buy in.

Fast forward a few years, kids try hard to become their own little people taking executive decisions, for example, crossing their arms to a simple sandwich cut in half, but go crazy for it cut into little soldiers. We need to continue the stimulation if we are going to introduce new and different foods.

big snack

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The Brains Behind Blendi

I’m Yvonne, part-time Mom, (Shane now 17).
Yvonne & Shane created Blendi Smoothies in 2017. We quickly discovered there was a problem our customers said “Your Smoothie Packets are not making it as far as the Blenders our kids are munching on the ingredients” “Do you do little snack packets for kids”? The rest as they say is History …..

yvonne and her son
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